What does being a WiredScore Accredited Professional mean? Plenty.
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We confess. Those of us in the business of designing, installing and maintaining sophisticated digital ecosystems can get a little carried away at times. Especially when we start talking speeds and feeds.



But who can blame us? It's fascinating stuff – when you understand it.



But that's the thing. Not everyone does. Until they experience firsthand the
end benefits of having a reliable, robust digital infrastructure in place, most folks just have to take our word for it.




That's the beauty of WiredScore, the independent ratings authority that conducts a rigorous evaluation of a building's digital infrastructure - its current capacity and future readiness – and then translates its findings into a simple score anyone can understand. Even prospective tenants, thus providing them with a key data point during their decision-making process. (While arming landlords of WiredScore-certified buildings with a key selling point!)



Not every building makes the grade. But now that Encompass Connect is a WiredScore Accredited Professional, there's no reason they can't.



Our engineers and technicians have now been through an extensive accreditation program which has equipped us with a thorough understanding of all WiredScore ratings criteria. It's powerful, proprietary info and insight that we are fully authorized to pass along to customers so that they can, if desired, enhance their digital infrastructure in order to achieve coveted WiredScore certification.



If you'd like to learn more about how we can help your buildings get WiredScore certified, give us a call at 224-265-4544.


And, if you ever want to compare notes on cable trays and telecom closets, we're always up for that, too.