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Deploying Smarter Security: Is Your Security System Setup for the Modern World?

Physical security was a top priority for organizations in 2021, and 2022 will be no different. As a result, it's more critical than ever for organizations to be aware of the rapidly evolving physical security landscape and ensure the right solutions are in place. From crucial information being missed or misunderstood to recurring 'operator errors,' old systems are a liability reducing your operation's effectiveness and security response.

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In this exclusive webinar, learn the strategies modern organizations use to improve safety without increasing workload. See how some of the biggest companies streamline their physical security with simple, innovative, and powerful technology. Join Karen Chiang of Rhombus Systems and Mark Higgason of Encompass Connect, who will address critical questions:

* How fresh is your intelligence? Do your cameras have the ability to recognize unusual human behavior?
* How to make data work for you and deliver just the relevant information to your operation instead of a mass of data?
* Why is it important? And what types of spaces need it?
* How can you integrate physical security with building automation such as HVAC, energy management, AV?
* How do you interface security systems with 3rd party platforms?
* What are the significant issues and vulnerabilities found in traditional systems?
* What do you need to look out for when selecting a cloud video security system?

-- Karen Chiang , Director Channel Sales at Rhombus Systems
-- Mark Higgason, Executive Vice President at Encompass Connect