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Today's apartment and condo hunters have their sights set on far more than flexible floor plans and fancy finishes. They're looking for smart living spaces that can live up to their high standards of connectivity, comfort and security.


More than just a place to "hang your hat," home is now the place where we surf, stream, shop and even zoom from one business meeting to another.


Architects, developers and building owners are waking up to this new reality and are rising to the challenge – by making their AV and IT infrastructure a top priority when designing new properties or updating existing ones. 


"We don't just think in terms of square feet anymore" said one developer. "Every cubic foot of interior space is a conduit for technologies that improve our lives – and therefore add value to multi-family buildings."


"Lights, cameras, thermostats"


For consumers, the first thing that often springs to mind when mentioning "smart technologies" is the plethora of wirelessly-connected "smart devices" that allow us to monitor and control our environments remotely – in addition to all those smart devices such as outlets and blinds that conserve energy and adjust automatically to changing conditions.


That said, "Smart devices barely scratch the surface when sizing up all the smart technology that goes into modern multi-family buildings," said Tim Pickett, CEO of Encompass Connect. A leading provider of A/V & IT solutions, Encompass Connect works closely with forward-thinking multi-family building developers and managers who recognize that, "Even the common areas of a building represent a huge opportunity to entice home-hunters and enhance current residents' experience and sense of community.


Once found only in luxury hotels, amenities such as video monitors in elevators and hi-def video walls in common areas are becoming more commonplace.


The consumer-facing design of today's technology is often quite elegant, but the true beauty of today's smart technologies lies in the brains behind it – the sophisticated digital infrastructure that keeps it running smoothly.


"I liken it to the learning curve we all went through when personal computers were first introduced," said Mr. PIckett. "We were all jazzed about the games and apps - only to soon realize we also needed the right hardware to get the most out of them."



Launched at the turn of the millennium, Encompass Connect has earned a reputation for providing robust, reliable A/V and IT systems featuring structured cabling installations that have set the standard in the built-world.



WiredScore answers the all-important question, "How's the Wifi?"


"It's right up there with, 'Are pets allowed?'" said one multi-family building manager. Before even considering a property, tenants want to be assured they'll enjoy reliable digital connectivity throughout the building.


Gone are the days when tenants will tolerate weak wi-fi or cell phone dead zones.


WiredScore provides the proof that they can count on a reliable digital connectivity whether they're on the phone, in a meeting or simply watching a movie.


Launched in 2013, WiredScore is the world's leading certification company for technology in buildings. Certified contractors such as Encompass Connect conduct a thorough evaluation of a building's digital infrastructure - across a variety of critical WIredScore criteria which encompass current performance and future-readiness. If any shortcomings are spotted, Encompass Connect can provide the remedies to help buildings earn the highest possible score – which they can the use to attract and sign new tenants.


"Earning a WiredScore delivers on every score," said Mr. Pickett. And the numbers certainly bear him out. A recent study conducted by WiredScore found that 86% of millennials will pay up to a 20% premium for a smart apartment.


Want to get your building evaluated for WiredScore certification? A simple call to Encompass Connect could be a very smart start 224-265-4544