Setting the global standard for technology in the built world

Whether it’s commercial or residential, an occupied building or a development, getting certified will help you assess, improve and promote your building's digital connectivity and smart capabilities.




A global standard for connectivity

The world has become extremely reliant on fast and reliable connectivity for its day to day activities. WiredScore certification adds measurable value to your property, keeping it relevant in the market, showing current and prospective tenants and residents that your building goes above and beyond to meet their connectivity needs.

Understanding WiredScore


WiredScore is the global digital connectivity rating system to assess, improve, benchmark and promote buildings.



Drive rental value

Connectivity is fundamental to modern business. Companies are prepared to pay more for premises with proven levels of exceptional connectivity. The London Investment Guide found that WiredScore certification increased rental value by an average of 5%.

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Drive investment value

Your digital infrastructure is an integral part of your building and has a significant impact on its value, both now and in the future. By ensuring your property has the flexibility to adapt to new technology, you can guard against obsolescence and add long-term value to your investment.

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Future-proof assets

During the certification process, our operations team will identify improvements to help future-proof your building and reduce the need for costly retrofits. Once certified, our suite of reporting tools will keep you up-to-date with new technology and trends so you’ll always remain one step ahead.


Digital connectivity and smart technology matter.  People today are more reliant than ever on technology and digital connection.


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  1. $300k the cost to business of one hour of internet downtime (Source: WiredScore & EY)

  2. 86% of renters face regular connectivity issues (Source: Opinium for WiredScore, 2021)

  3. 1 in 5 EMEA tenants will pay a rental premium of over 20% for tech-enabled smart buildings (Source: CBRE)

  4. The London Investment Guide found that WiredScore certification increased rental value by an average of 5%


Key Aspects of WiredScore 


How robust and secure is your digital infrastructure?


Future Readiness

Can Is your building as future proof as can be?



Does the mobile coverage stretch into every corner of the property? 


Choice of Providers

Are there multiple high-speed fiber providers to choose from? 


User Experience

Does the building offer people seamless digital connectivity?



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