Encompass Connect Brunch for Love Fundraiser
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Our community of friends and clients never disappoints! We hosted an all-you-can-eat Brunch for Love Fundraiser at Gibsons Italia’s iconic outdoor lawn and patio overlooking the Chicago River. Our goal? Raise funds to upgrade Shriners Hospitals’ outdated teleconferencing infrastructure and ensure collaboration across many different locations so that children can continue to get access to specialized care they so desperately need. 


The room was truly filled with love and compassion (and a few laughs), and we are hoping to make this an annual tradition. This amazing event got covered by ABC7 Chicago!


Shriners Hospitals are a network of non-profit medical facilities where children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lips and palates receive expert medical attention and care. Through the generosity of donors like our community, Shriners have been able to help more than 1.4 million children reach their potential and lead more fulfilling lives, regardless of the families’ ability to pay.


The hospitals rely heavily on teleconferencing to bring patients and professionals together from anywhere in the US, but the current setup stalls the medical discussion and impedes access to life changing procedures.


We are so grateful for everyone's contributions! We have set up a DONATION PAGE for Chicago Shriners Hospital so that all patients receive the best treatment plan.