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Сategorie: Conference & Meeting Rooms, POE & IOT Technologies

In early 2020 the world turned upside down when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. Overnight, maintaining a healthy and disinfected environment became a common subject, forcing buildings to find smart solutions to protect their residents, employees and visitors. In this discussion, we are diving deep into the matter, addressing how intelligent disinfection systems enable safe living spaces.

For the economy and life to return to normal, advanced and widespread disinfection processes are necessary. PoE (Power over Ethernet) lighting presents a unique opportunity to utilize the disinfecting power of UV light technology. However, UVC lighting is harmful to people and heavily trafficked spaces present a unique challenge. Watch Matt Conger from Igor with Mark Higgason of Encompass AV address key considerations, including:

  • How to use the disinfecting power of UV light technology 
  • How intelligent controls allow for a safe disinfection of public spaces
  • How data and the Power of Ethernet aid in future proofing our living spaces
  • The unique challenges different buildings and businesses present
  • How to adapt our buildings to last with an easily accessible and cost-effective solution