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Сategorie: POE & IOT Technologies
The costs related to a buildout that becomes technologically obsolete are enormous — with significant disruption risk associated with all moves, adds and changes needed in today’s building IT and cabling systems. The resources, expertise and design decisions needed early on are crucial to ensuring your development or redevelopment is always ahead of the IT curve.

In this discussion, smart building experts and structured cabling professionals addressed how developers work toward greater functionality, flexibility, and future-readiness for whatever comes into the technology buildscape, through mobile capacity planning, conduit points of entry, and electrical resiliency, among many elements WiredScore engineers cover when certifying the best digitally connected buildings.Watch Lars Haus Olsen from WiredScore with Mark Higgason of Encompass AV who addressed key questions, such as:
*What is a WiredScore Score?
*Why is it important? And what types of spaces need it?
*How can developers build to specs that will deliver against ideal tenants’ increasingly complex internet and mobile connectivity needs?
*What steps are needed to ensure buildouts can evolve with technology to offer class-leading experiences today, and 20 years from now?
*How does it help the marketability of buildings?
*What equipment can run off a fully converged network?