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Encompass AV is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Walking With a Warrior, a non-profit organization that unites veterans and civilians to revitalize communities by connecting inner city youth with veteran mentors.


On Sunday, September 20th, the EAV team with Sean Easton and others from Walking With a Warrior hosted a community event at the CPD 15th Precinct in the Austin neighborhood. The party welcomed neighbors and members of the Chicago Police Department who gathered in the parking lot to watch the Bears game and enjoy food, friends, and fun.


The event honored Officer Lorenzo Wells who was shot in the line of duty. Wells was recognized for his service and received a 65” 4K Samsung TV from Encompass at the end of the party.

EAV provided the TVs and technology necessary to watch the Bears game live and many others graciously donated their time, food and efforts to make this such as successful and enjoyable Sunday afternoon.


The effort will continue to bring together people to drive greater community and understanding in other neighborhoods, as EAV and Walking With a Warrior team up with CPD on upcoming Sundays to show more Bears games and provide food to the community and police (weather permitting).


We are also helping raise donations for Walking With a Warrior. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and can be expressed on this GoFundMe page.