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BIAN Private Members’ Club

Cutting-edge technology for Chicago’s healing sanctuary
BIÂN is a private members’ club built on the foundation of holistic health and social well-being. BIÂN creators Joseph Fisher, Kevin Boehm and Robb Leone paired an advanced fitness center with a complete medical facility that merges Eastern and Western medical practices to ensure members’ training and healing goals are envisioned and exceeded. Along with therapy treatments and fitness classes, BIÂN offers an organic chef-driven food & beverage program and a social space to bring the membership community together.

First-class connectivity and audiovisual systems for fitness centers and design-forward sanctuaries
Today, technology is driving innovation in the fitness world. From wearable devices, interactive screens and consoles, to surveillance systems ensuring adherence to safety regulations, uninterrupted connectivity and quality audiovisual setup became indispensable to the workout experience.

BIÂN leaders were looking for a holistic solution encompassing diverse services: tying in quality equipment, immersive sound, energizing visuals and consistent connectivity while ensuring long-term stability of all systems. Encompass Connect came in highly recommended by another client from an iconic Chicago location. Ultimately, our many years of experience in systems integration and design, coupled with our extraordinary resolve to customer service, allowed BIÂN to take their game to the next level.

"At BIAN, quality and execution are critical. Encompass delivered on both with integrated sound and AV system throughout the club. Equally as important, Tim Picket and the team at Encompass continue to address any issues that arise, even a year later. Encompass is a top-notch company led by a sand up human." JOSEPH FISHER | CEO, CO-FOUNDER

Reliable systems built to last and impress
Quality and reliability were paramount. BIÂN’s creators aimed to install "bulletproof” systems across the fitness studio and auxiliary areas that would be pushed hard for at least 16 hours every day while adhering to their budget plans. Encompass Connect assessed all options and chose reliable systems from Martin Audio, Tannoy, Symetrix, Sony, Lab Gruppen, RTI, Ubiquity, Verkada SH2, and Bosch to amplify the healing and welcoming ambience at the club.

Design-forward thinking
Careful consideration to the ergonomics of this modern facility made all the difference to the members’ experience. Encompass Connect collaborated closely with BIÂN designers on correct loudspeaker placement and color to achieve a consistent sound quality and find the perfect match between the systems and the aesthetics.

How many emails were sent?
For planning purposes, Encompass Connect spent weeks on plans for conduit, elevations and specifications for equipment placement and type, working hand in hand with the design and construction teams. How many emails were sent between Encompass Connect and other parties in order to coordinate the implementation of equipment and to get the installation right the first time? Countless, and probably a couple more. In the end, that was our secret sauce to help the client stay on schedule and open in a timely fashion.

“We were very excited to be awarded this project as this was a new prominent place being built in Chicago.  What was even more pleasant was the ease of communication with ownership and the quality of the product that they desired,” said Tim Pickett, President, Encompass Connect.

While it normally takes two to four vendors to install all services Encompass Connect provided at BIÂN, having one point of contact streamlined both communication and future maintenance for the client.

The result
In high-quality environments such as BIÂN, AV and IT that work are table stakes and can make or break future success. BIÂN Chicago opened in November 2020 and its members can benefit from a truly unique and healing experience that makes them come back for more and spread the word. The result exceeded the client’s expectations and ultimately led to BIÂN gaining new signups! BIÂN leadership was also an absolute pleasure to work with and their commitment to quality is on par with Encompass Connect’s DNA.

We will out-plan, out-think and out-execute any designer or installer you’ve ever hired.