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A Driver of Cost-Savings, Productivity & Wellness


Encompass AV  &  The Siemon Company

Intelligent Buildings & Smart Spaces Webinar


WHAT PoE Lighting Is HOW PoE Lighting Works — and WHY PoE Lighting Should Matter to YOU


The future of lighting never looked brighter, for everyone. No matter where your business takes place — from inside an office, retail or hospitality setting, to classrooms or industrial facilities, or other locations — in today’s digital world, buildings depend on technology to make them smarter, more efficient, and valuable to the people that occupy them.


A critical component of intelligent buildings and smart spaces is digital lighting: PoE Lighting.


While costs savings, productivity, and wellness in the workplace can be enhanced with the flip of a switch, the concept of PoE lighting as one critical component of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a bit more complex.


In this webinar, Encompass AV is teaming up with The Siemon Company to explain and demonstrate:


WHAT PoE Lighting Is — HOW PoE Lighting Works — and WHY PoE Lighting Should Matter to YOU


Today, PoE lighting solutions globally illuminate over one billion square feet of commercial space. Explosive growth is predicted for the smart lighting industry because, in addition to having the potential to reduce energy costs by up to 70%, these systems lower capital lighting investment, improve safety and comfort, and integrate with all IoT-enabled building automation systems.




Encompass AV’s Tim Pickett and Mark Higgason — with The Siemon Company’s Bob Allan  — address:


  • -- How PoE networks and innovative lighting reduces energy consumption
  • -- How PoE lighting lowers capital and labor investment, with lower installation and operational costs
  • -- How PoE lighting exceed performance capabilities with safe, low-voltage applications that integrate with IoT to support intelligent building devices
  • -- How PoE lighting provide eco-friendly enhancements that deliver more confirm, wellness and productivity


Don’t miss Live Demos of PoE lighting in several settings, including:


  • -- Front office Cree lighting
  • -- Sales office lighting (and demo with old lighting for comparison)
  • -- Real time power monitoring displayed with a rack room switch tour
  • -- High power PoE lighting with HE Williams
  • -- and more