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The global hospitality sector has been hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Heavy restrictions, shelter-in-place orders and efforts to minimize the spread of the virus forced most to halt operations for an unforeseen time. As we enter a new stage, the hospitality sector has been given a new hope, gearing up to open its doors once again and thrive once more.

In this webinar, leading hospitality professionals will look at the opportunities and technologies that allowed hospitality organizations to navigate the uncertainties of doing business in a world impacted by the pandemic, exploring the changes and considerations for a successful recovery.





-How the COVID-19 crisis has changed the hospitality sector
-The strategic advantages of modern technologies, allowing businesses to respond to the challenges and seize new opportunities
-How businesses supported their employees and communities while improving their operational agility and financial resilience
-What the national vaccine rollout means to consumer confidence and why trust is essential
-Insights into the future of hospitality in a post-COVID world


- Tim Pickett, President at Encompass AV


- Steve Lombardo III, Chairman at the Gibsons Restaurant Group
- Scott Struchen, Founder & CCO at Tangled Roots Brewing Company
- Scott Weiner, Principal and Co-Founder at The Fifty/50 Group
- Nabil Moubayed, Area Director of Operations at Kimpton Hotel group


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