Global Supply Shortage: Our Solution and Gratitude for Proactive Measures
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Are your vendors, suppliers, and business partners sitting on the sidelines?


There is a reason they call it a global pandemic. It is because the onset of COVID-19 rattled the world. As a global society with interconnected economies, we are all still operating in crisis mode.


However, when it comes to your building technology— everything from cabling and connectivity solutions, to advanced AV and conferencing services, to PoE and IoT technologies — Encompass Connect has you covered.


Before we explain why and how, consider the fact that supply chain disruption is perhaps the most influential driver of crisis today with rising prices, canceled orders and delays taking place across the board.


From scarcities in raw material and labor to delays in production and shipping, and everything in between —across most all industries — the delivery of products and services simply can’t keep up with the times.


While we have had zero disruption to system monitoring, maintenance, and management services at Encompass Connect, we can also safely claim that supply shortages for equipment and components of systems will continue to be minimal.


Our leaders and teams took a very proactive approach at the onset of this evolving crisis. We turned to our partners and suppliers, relied on our relationships and know-how to set our customers up for the best possible outcome when materials and new service is in need.


We give our team members all the credit and applaud them for being able to stay on top of issues during this challenging time. We are adding resources, stocking up on available parts and keeping a backlog of inventory our customers may need, as well as alternative materials, and working closely with customers across all industries to leverage existing infrastructure to ensure the most cutting-edge solutions are in place.


Our phones are on, and we are here to help. Leaving customers, fellow contractors, tenants and building management hanging is something we don’t do.


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