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Enhancing User Experience at Arthur on Aberdeen

In this discussion the spotlight is on the exciting project, Arthur, located in Aberdeen. The project, situated in the heart of Fulton Market, represents Encompass's first large-scale venture with the LG Group. The historic nature of the building, classified as a landmark, posed unique challenges in development, given its Z-shape design around the historical structure. Despite the complexities, the result promises a fascinating addition to the Fulton Market area, with ties to World War II tank parts manufacturing. The discussion delves into the intricacies of the project, emphasizing the importance of user experience in the Class A building, strategically positioned in Chicago's bustling and rapidly growing business district. The conversation touches on the collaboration with Power Construction, the significance of early programming, and the role of Encompass in shaping the end-user's experience through cutting-edge technology and design. As the discussion unfolds, it becomes evident that this project is more than just a real estate venture—it's a commitment to delivering a unique and immersive lifestyle for the residents, a blend of history and modernity in the vibrant Fulton Market.

The Arthur on Aberdeen project presented unique challenges due to the historical nature of the building, requiring careful optimization of the property's Z-shape layout. The goal was to seamlessly integrate Encompass Connect and LG Group solutions into the development.


Encompass Connect was involved from the early programming stages, collaborating on the design and functionality of the Class A building. Emphasis was placed on understanding the client's vision and incorporating user experience elements. The project involved overcoming obstacles related to the historical building's constraints.



The collaboration resulted in a groundbreaking high-rise building in the heart of Fulton Market. With early involvement from Encompass Connect, the development progressed smoothly, breaking ground on schedule. The user experience was prioritized, ensuring that the amenities, including Wi-Fi, TV systems, and speakers, met the evolving demands of modern apartment residents. This proactive approach set a new standard for technology integration in multi-family projects, creating an exciting and differentiated living experience for residents. The success of Arthur on Aberdeen showcases the value of upfront collaboration and the impact it can have on the end user's satisfaction and overall project success.


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