CA Ventures

Audio Visual Design Solution for Next Generation Multi-Tenant Housing

CA was founded in 2004 as a niche investor and operator of student apartments near large, top-tier universities. A global leader in purpose-built student accommodations, CA introduced a scalable model for core-infill, pedestrian-oriented student housing in campus-adjacent locations where CA tailors each community to the unique needs of the local area.

Since its inception, CA Ventures has also applied its models to the residential multi-family housing market and senior living. With over $13 Billion in gross asset value, CA Ventures has proven to be more than capable of identifying opportunities in the real estate market and executing with elite precision.

As an industry pioneer, CA saw that student and residential living demands continue to evolve at an unsurpassed pace as spaces become more elaborate. CA sought an experienced AV team that could effectively operate as one umbrella for the IT services needed for the full spectrum of CA’s multi-tenant properties. They required a trusted partner to keep their properties running reliably while also simplifying having a different IT provider for every city with a CA Ventures property.

Simply put, CA requested Encompass Connect to provide a finished product that “just works,” in addition to 24/7 maintenance. CA couldn’t have found a better partner for the task. Systems required for CA Ventures included:

  • Audio Visual Equipment, Installation & Managed services

  • Surveillance Systems & Managed Services

  • Control Systems Equipment & Integration

Multi-phase work encompassing many different locations (SOLUTION):CA projects serviced by Encompass Connect included multi-zone audio systems, video wall installation, surveillance cameras, control systems, and other AV system enhancements.

The multi-phase work required constant coordination, planning, communication, and collaboration with all stakeholders, including different EC’s and GC’s at every project and ownership. Some prime equipment vendors were Martin Audio and Symetrix, and Rhombus Systems supplied the surveillance cameras. Encompass Connect’s roots in hospitality proved to be extremely valuable, allowing the team to understand and address the demands of installing equipment that was to be used for 10+ hours a day and by many people. Drawing from experience, the team could better support CA occupants’ off-property activities through thoughtful enhancements for streamlined operational excellence.

“It is always a pleasure to partner with a client who is not only very clear in their expectations but also open to ideas and enhancements that will make their space better,” said Tim Pickett, President, Encompass Connect.

Today, CA Ventures’ locations enjoy unmatched audiovisual systems as well as bespoke enhancements. With competition growing, multi-tenant property owners realize that they need to equip community spaces with top-of-the-line AV systems. Due to the new world we live in with remote/hybrid working and learning, CA community spaces have been fully optimized for remote operation, facilitating uninterrupted virtual meetings, virtual classes/courses, webinars, and more.