Strategic Expansion: Navigating Multi-Family Developments in Growing Markets
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Exploring New Horizons: Encompass Connect and LG Group Unveil Exciting Projects


Hello Encompass Connect enthusiasts!  Join Mark and Tim as they dive deep into the intricacies of their new ventures, and get a sneak peek into the upcoming projects from Encompass Connect and LG Group.



Venturing Beyond Borders: The Phoenix Project


One of the highlights is the Phoenix Project—a monumental venture marking our first foray outside the Greater Chicago area. Breaking ground just last week, this colossal undertaking involves relocating and overseeing a city-block-sized development with a staggering 750 units. The magnitude of this project allows us to elevate budgets and produce something truly extraordinary.


Innovative Design for User Experience


With projects like Phoenix, we face challenges like leasing up 750 units without a prolonged period. Our focus on designing for the end-user experience ensures that every aspect aligns seamlessly, enhancing functionality and ensuring swift occupancy. It's not just about constructing a remarkable building; it's about creating spaces that resonate with the users from day one.


Expanding Horizons: Denver, Nashville, and Beyond


Beyond Phoenix, our journey takes us to Denver, where we're navigating initial zoning for a compelling apartment unit. In Nashville, we're gearing up for a groundbreaking 400-unit project in the vibrant midtown area. The excitement extends to emerging markets like Charlotte, where we foresee tremendous growth and opportunities.


Building Lasting Partnerships


Curious about our approach? It's all about building lasting partnerships, whether in Dallas, Atlanta, or the upcoming ventures. Encompass Connect is not just completing projects; we're pioneers in the market, shaping spaces that stand out. Our diverse experience, from restaurants to multi-unit residences, showcases the breadth of our expertise.


Join the Journey: Start Your Project with Encompass Connect


As you explore our latest endeavors, we invite you to join the journey of innovation, reliability, and lasting partnerships. If you're considering a new project, Encompass Connect is your trusted partner. Start your project with us today, and let's build something extraordinary together!