System Maintenance, Monitoring & Support
In today’s tech-enabled world, a strong connectivity backbone means much more than ensuring clear picture and sound. It supports operations at all levels — from the most basic functions of screens and signage to advanced wiring within building systems — and if AV /IT or elements within structured cabling go down, it almost always adds-up real costs for businesses and users. A single misplaced cable or forgotten software update can create complex outages across an entire facility. AV and IT systems, just like any technology, require service, updates, and user support. But all too often, maintenance is overlooked until there is a problem.
Encompass Connect Offers more reliable, convenient, and economical Maintenance service for today's connected businesses.


• Extend the Life of Equipment

• Prevent Business Interruption & Downtime • Protect ROI

• Avoid Expensive Repairs


Encompass Connect is built on superior technical knowledge, design ability and responsiveness to partners, clients and tenants. As the leading audio visual and structured cabling / connectivity design firm in Chicago, we specialize in the integration of complex AV systems, conference and meeting rooms, PoE and IoT technologies, as well as surveillance and managed services. The tiered support plans — including the maintenance services listed below — are designed to help you fulfill the dream of cutting-edge building technology that’s also highly dependable.   


Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance Services vary based on the need, providing everything from routine preventive maintenance to system reboot and repairs, as well as 24/7 emergency response.
Preventative Maintenance

Our team members work around the clock to service and clean systems off-hours. Our maintenance packages will ensure TVs are clean and smudge free, amplifiers are cleaned to prevent overheating, and the overall system is functional and operating within specification. They can be set up for quarterly or monthly service. All service is documented.
• Cleaning Physical Hardware
• Ensuing Adequate Ventilation
• Update Software and Drivers
• Replacing Damaged Cables
• Complete System Diagnostics

System Repair

We allow clients to pre-purchase blocks of on-site technical support for a discounted rate. Packages come in 10-, 25-, and 50-hour parcels. Rates will vary depending on type of labor purchased (union/non-union).

Remote Monitoring

Most systems can be monitored 24/7, managed and diagnosed remotely. The qualifying system reports directly to our team with any issues, including primary electronics, network problems or control issues, which save significant time and expense when the need to dispatch a technician is avoided, especially for a simple operator error or reboot. With remote access, if needed, we can usually identify any issues and dispatch technicians before the client even knows there’s an issue. We always come with the correct equipment and often resolve issues with one service call.

On-Demand Technical Support

Access to a technical phone and email support is available 24 hours a day. Our staff can typically walk users through issues over the phone, perform remote diagnoses or correct issues with systems that apply. Many issues can be resolved remotely, saving the time and expense of an on-site technician.

24/7 Emergency Response

Access to on-site support is also 24 hours a day. We offer an emergency service phone number and email address to request service at any time. On-call technicians can be on-site at a property quickly, guaranteeing a window of two hours or less.

Training and Continued Education

We provide hands-on training sessions and documentation so you get the most out of your new system. Our goal is to provide convenience, access and functionality for those that manage systems and everyone that uses them. Additional training can be provided to clients for new employees or for product updates. The cost for initial training is always included with a system installation. Continued education can be arranged separately or wrapped into a premium support package.

Extended Warranty

We are confident in the quality of our installations, so we provide guarantees on all systems and offer extended manufacturers’ warranty on most products up to sixty months. Extended warranty packages can be purchased for 36-month and 60-month periods. The warranty covers everything the original manufacturer’s warranty does — along with the labor associated with the faulty item. The warranty may also include a temporary or replacement unit when available.

Premium Packages

Our premier packages range in size and scope based on individual system needs. Contact us for pricing. The entire team will be there to support you any time of day for any need related to managing and troubleshooting of systems. All the above services can be wrapped into one offering for total 24/7/365 peace of mind.


Encompass Connect will provide a no-cost, on-site assessment of your AV / IT system to validate its performance, service needs and maintenance frequency to help extend the life of equipment.


• Custom Maintenance Quote
• Equipment Audit
• Initial System Diagnostics
• Cleaning of Physical Hardware